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The Board Member's Mission of Hope


We understand that the battle to restore impoverished communities in Haiti, Africa and the United States of America requires cooperative alliances and partnerships with missionaries, volunteers and other organizations. Guided by biblical principles we have extended our hands to individuals who live, witness and have a vested interest in their community to join forces with all of us to fight the battle of poverty and despair.


Inspired by individuals who are fighting the battle of poverty in Haiti with limited resources, we are committed to helping individuals living in Haiti which has been described as the poorest country in The Western Hemisphere, Haiti. Our research showed that the need for continued support in Haiti is paramount. While there are many individuals who are committed to the cause, we continually identify opportunities to form alliances which will shorten the delay and broaden the scope of services offered.


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Christmas Photos

Click here to view Christmas 2012 photos

Church Construction

Click here to view the church construction in the community of Digue Bobie, Archaie in Haiti